Things to keep in mind :

The Barn Doors: Creekside Farm staff are the only people allowed to open and close the barn doors.When opened, they are opened and latched for safety reasons. You may tell us when you would like them open and shut and we would be happy to open and close them for you
The Fire Pit: Creekside Farm staff will light the fire pit when you would like us to. There must be an adult by the fire pit at all times while children are present. Nothing should be thrown into the fire pit. (cigarettes,
paper, etc.)
Alcohol: We don’t mind if you enjoy a beer or glass of wine while getting ready since no hard alcohol allowed, but all alcohol must be out of the barn and locked into your vehicle 1 hour before the ceremony. The bar service takes over from there and all alcohol left in the rooms will be cleaned out and thrown away. The celebration is in the barn not in the parking lot so please refrain from drinking out there. Absolutely no underage drinking will be tolerated.
Smoking: Guests are welcome to smoke in the front of the barn (east side) on the patio. No smoking allowed under the porch or right next to the barn, putting your cigarette/cigar butts our onto the patio or wine barrels. We have several receptacles for the placement of cigarette/cigar butts so this should not be an issue. Excessive cigarette butts on the grounds or patio will reflect your damage deposit refund.
Children: The farm is a wonderful place for kids to enjoy the day and with this being said they must be attended to at all times. The staff are not responsible for watching the children.
The Loft: Guests are certainly welcome to enjoy the view from the loft. Children are also welcome in the oft but must be accompanied by an adult at all times
Groom’s Room: The grooms room is for the groom and his men. It is not for the children. The room must be cleaned up and everything out and in your vehicles or the closet downstairs by ceremony time. It will remain locked for the reception. We hope you love our barn as much as we do and would love it if you please refrain from smoking cigarettes/cigars or anything else on the balcony as it and the entire barn is made of wood. I know no one thinks they are going to start a fire, but accidents happen.
Bride’s Room: The bride’s room is for the bride and her ladies. There are “Glam Co” lights to use, light up mirrors in the closet and the Bose Sound Link on the vanity. Curling irons must be on a silicone or rubber mat to protect the wood vanity. The bride’s room will need to be cleaned up and everything out before the ceremony. This will remain locked during the reception. You can leave items in the closet adjacent to the brides room. If you would like something specific locked up all you have to do it ask us.
Candles: There is no open flame of any kind allowed in the barn. LED candles are a wonderful replacement for the open flame.
Decorating: Go for it! Do as much or as little as you’d like. No pounding nails and using thumb tacks. You may hang decor in the trees but make sure to take it down. If you use flower pedals you must pick them up after the ceremony.
Tables & Chairs: You are responsible for setting up the tables and chairs how you’d like them. Our staff will take out some tables and chairs if needed for you to create a dance floor where you wish it to be. Let us know how many and where you would like it. You should assign someone to take the decor from these prior to removing them.
Dance Floor: We understand people get caught up in the fun and just take their drink with them to the dance floor, we ask that you please refrain from this and on your way to bust a move just set your drink on a nearby table and dance like no-one is watching.
Clean up: At the end of the night (after an incredibly amazing day), it will be clean up time. You will be responsible for taking all of your decorations down and cleaning up all the stuff that was brought in. Please check closets, cabinets etc. before leaving. The Creekside Farm staff will wipe tables, put up chairs and clean the floors..