Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are your rates?
A: This depends on the date, season or event. Check the pricing options for your event on our website at
Q: What is included in the rental?
A: The grounds, barn, arbor, outside seating for the ceremony, cross back chairs, farm tables, burlap table runners, draperies, wine barrels, projector, screen, fire pit, hiking trails, heat and or air-conditioning, staff member present.
Q: Are there restrooms in the barn?
A: Yes, the barn has men's and women's restrooms. The bridal suite also has a restroom for the bride and bridesmaids. All are handicapped accessible.
Q: Are you open year round?
A: We are open all months except March and April.
Q: Do you allow a DJ or a band?
A: Yes, we are suited for either a band or DJ with plenty of electrical power.
Q: Can we use real candles?
A: No, they must be LED or fake candles.
Q: Where do we park?
A: There is designated parking lot onsite.
Q: Do I have to get dessert from the caterer?
A: No, you may get your desserts from anywhere as long as they are licensed.
Q: Can we have late night snacks?
A: Yes, these do not have to come from the caterer but they must be store bought or from a licensed facility.
Q: What is your capacity?
A: 288 guests, this is a full house.
Q: If someone has too much to drink, can we leave a vehicle overnight?
A: Yes, for the simple fact we do not want anyone driving under the influence. Any vehicle left overnight must be removed by 9:00.
Q: Do you allow animals?
A: We do allow pets to be part of your wedding ceremony if you wish. However, pets will need to be taken form the grounds immediately following the ceremony and are otherwise not allowed on the grounds.
Q: Can we have Creekside Farm staff set up all the chairs?
A: Yes, this is an A La Carte option.
Q: Can you extend the time past 11:30 for the music?
A: Music is off at 11:20. Everyone must be out by 11:30 with clean up done by 12:30.

Q: What time can we set up? Do you let us bring our own decorations?
A: You can start at 8:00 a.m. and decorate all you wish for your taste and desires. Everything must be cleaned up everyone out by 12:30 a.m.
Q: Can we come the day before to drop off items and start decorating?
A: This is not allowed.
Q: Can we do rehearsal there the day before?
A: No, you can do rehearsal either in the morning or have a mock rehearsal where the Groom's dinner takes place.
Q: Can we pound nails?
A: No, we suggest using fish line jute rope or wire.
Q: Can we decorate the trees & have flower petals down the isle?
A: Yes, but you must takedown what you put up and cleanup the flower petals.